Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bearded Faces Make Warm Faces

The beard: the most effective form of facial protection against the elements. We've known this for generations. Vikings had full, strong beards to guard against the icy sea winds. Arabians had majestic beards to protect their noble chins from sun and sand burn. Beards are still saving us today, keeping our lips from chapping and our skin from flaking.

For any of you unfortunate enough to be beardless, here is your chance to feel the hairy power grown down the ages on your very cheeks. The brainchild of Jeff Phillips, Canadian born winter-enthusiast, the Beardo bearded beanie was created to keep your head and face warm under the coldest conditions without making you look like a bank robber, and we think it's pretty freakin' amazing. :)>

They come in a variety of colors for all shades of the bearded spectrum.

It's the middle of February, beardmisters; give your beard a beard of its own to stay toasty. Show it that you love it with an Eye Heart Beard shirt. Take pride in your bearded life, it's your fluffy Valentine. ;)>

Stay bearded out there! :)>

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