Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Shave, You Knave!

Hey beard growers, we hope Movember is get hairy for ya! :D> No crazy updates today, folks. Just lettin' you all know that our Don't Shave Beard Tees are still on sale in honor of this month! Today we'll be updating our website and working on a new line of beard tees for you guys. There's no such thing as too much beard. ;)>

Keep on growin' on! :)>

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Even Mr. Clean isn't Shaving Clean

Movember continues, beardians!

To reiterate, this is what NOT to do this month:

Everyone is getting in on the growing game, guys. The movement on men's health is on the rise! Even Mr. Clean himself is supporting awareness this month. Check it out!

"For the first time in 54 years, the iconic Mr. Clean character forgoes his trademark, clean-shaven face and grows a moustache to change the face of men’s health.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in November, at the ripe old age of 54, Mr. Clean is defying the cliché by growing out a moustache for the very first time. Mr. Clean is putting away his razor for a good cause - to help raise awareness and funds for cancers affecting men. Mr. Clean is excited to be a Mo Bro and is calling all fans to join the fight by signing up to be on his Movember team.

As a Movember ambassador; Mr. Clean will give frequent updates on his Facebook page, posting pictures of his gradual moustache growth.   He will encourage husbands, brothers, sons and fathers everywhere to get their annual health checkup and to know their family health history.

 “Prostate and other cancers have touched the lives of millions of men, families and communities”, said Jeff Pierce, External Relations Manager at P&G. “We are delighted for Mr. Clean to join the movement and recruit Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to join us in raising awareness for this important cause.”

Over the years, Mr. Clean has been an integral part in households across the globe. Known as Flash in the UK, Don Limpio in Spain and Mr. Propre in France, he has entered the hearts and homes of many and has become a household name. From producing ground breaking products like the Magic Eraser to being the first liquid household cleaner available in a plastic bottle, he plans make an impact on this year’s Movember movement.  

Mr. Clean will be the second P&G brand to join the initiative to raise awareness for men’s health issues. The Art of Shaving is also supporting the cause as a partner. All proceeds will be donated to Movember.  Visit Mr. Clean’s Facebook page to watch his Mo progress and check out the Movember page,, to join his team or support the cause."

We here at The Beard Face are continuing the sale this month of our "Don't Shave" tees so you beardies can rep this most magnificent month in style!

Grow on, you bearded wonders! :D>

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don't You DARE Shave that Beard

No Shave November is here! Rejoice all you bearded masses, for this is the month that no one can give you any sort of guff whatsoever about your scruffy chin-locks. Not only is this an opportunity for your beard to flourish, it's a chance to support a worthy cause by raising awareness and changing attitudes and habits relating to men’s health. That and the fact that it's fun on a bun to see how close we can get to wizard beard status by the end of the month. Break out the cameras, folks! :)>

If anyone, and we mean anyone, starts complaining about your magnificent, growing (and soon to be flowing) beard, just pop in your iPod and drown them out with this:

And then don't shave. You're welcome. We support you, furry friends. :)>

I'm sure you all were expecting this sale this month, and your anticipation has been rewarded! Don't Shave Tee is on sale this week! Get one now and wear it all flippin' month. And then the next month. And the next. We're just suggesting, of course. ;)>