Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free Stuff

So, I've been running around the country checking out bearded cities. My recent venture was Austin, TX. All I've got to say is, "Wow." There were beards evurywherz! :D> Maybe I should send some t-shirts out that direction? I guess where the free stuff comes in: I just got back to Columbus nicely sunburned after a frigid winter. I was feelin' mighty peppy so I decided to include a free sticker in every order that was shipped out. Use them for wise bearded purposes only my casual facial hair enthusiast friends. :D>

The Trustworthiness of Beards

I recently received some fan mail telling me that I needed to check out this link to the trust worthiness of beards.  I figured, "what the hell?" and clicked on it.  Only to discovered the absolute truth behind what this image portrayed.  I think the designer Matt McInerney of is being quite modest when he says that it is based on no scientific evidence.  I mean, in all seriousness, werewolves are pretty evil...

Radical Face - New Bearded Music Artist

I've been looking around for new bearded artists, and I stumbled upon Radical Face during my hours of music listening.  Now I realize that this video is not shot by the original artist, but it features a bearded guy as the lead.

It's a really great song look forward to it on The Beard Face Music Playlist.  Click here to listen.

Centaur Beard

So, who doesn't love something a little fantastic every once in a while? I was recently discovered this awesome picture. Yes, now I realize he doesn't have a full beard, but  common they're pretending. Why can't we? :D>  I'm still curious about the dollar bills in his arm band?  It's like a strange centaur stripper circuit. 

Cool Beard Card

A friend of mine forwarded this to me on Facebook, and I thought it was worth sharing. 

We've Launched!

Aye, hi thar, me have a beard Aye, me parrot concurs Aye, hello, I just wanted t' take the time t' thank e'ery who had support the production o' this site. I had a lot o' great friends, who fed me durin' long hours o' work. The models war amazin'. The designs worked out great. Aye, me parrot concurs. Ahoy, personal shout outs go to: Kate o' Sampson Photography - Raymond Lavoie Photography - Bowen - for the most random ideas e'er. Julie - My Muse Da'id and Patrick - The faces o' beard face Chris - For brain breaks Billy and Suhayl - For random modelin' encounters Akbar - For keepin' it real Anthony - For personal pep Matt - For tra'elin' just t' be a gin'er And James, the Starbuck of the ship. Thanks maties, shiver me timbers! :^)>