Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beardless Halloween? Problem Solved.

Greetings, all you bearded and un-bearded! Halloween approaches! A few weeks ago we gave you a stellar list of bearded beauties to dress as for Halloween if you already had a nice lookin' beard, but this week is for the shaven ones.

You know who you are. You had to go to some wedding, or were at a bonfire and leaned in a little too close, and now the hairs on your chinny-chin-chin are goney-gone-gone. Don't worry, my friend. There is hope for you yet, for we know that every man (and possibly woman) truly wants a ravishing wave of locks upon their noble jaw. So here are our favorite selection of chin-wigs just for all of you. Wear them proudly. Wear them well. :)>
You're a wizard, hairy.

Hey, bro, sweet tat. Let's play Gamecube.

I'm so dastardly I cut this out myself.
Tarzan and I went to a killer toga party last night.
Undoubtedly the most flannel "Where's Waldo" we've ever seen.
The only thing scarier than this felt beard... THIS felt beard.
Speaking of "being a wizard, hairy", our Wizard Beard tees are on sale this week in honor of this most magical of months. Grab yourself a big ole wizard beard and a Wizard Tee and be the Beard of the Ball! :D>

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