Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winner, Winner, T-shirt Dinner!

Okay, it's a little after dinner, we admit, but there were so many great beards to comb through we were having a hard time deciding! In fact, we ended up with a tie, everybeardy, so TWO free t-shirts will be given this night!

David and Michele, you are the BeardMasters of our contest!

David sent us too much to ignore, not that we would have been able to with this FANTASTIC montage:

We also thought that it'd be nice to give him a shirt so he has one to wear. Heaven help all you poor, shirtless beardmen with your furry, furry chests that quavering fingers barely dare to explore. That's why we exist. To fill this horrible void in your life. Not that we mind what's underneath our stylish apparel. No, not at all. ;)>

Michele sent us a photo that is both artistic and full of not only a very full and bodacious beard, but with corn dog. Glorious, glorious corn dog. Yes, Michele, the corn dog did earn you extra credit, you BeardMaster, you, and those purdy lights in the background didn't hurt your chances either. :D>

Now, David and Michele might have won the tees this evening, but we had too many sweet beards sent to us to stop there. We're not misers here, we tell ya! As is true with our beloved beards, the more the merrier! :)>
So, we have two runners up who will be receiving some rather fashionable pins. We know, we know, we're so generous. :)>

Justin sent us some AMAZING pics, and this one was definitely our favorite!
Just look at that face! What beard wouldn't be proud to wear that magnificent face?!

Michael was our second runner up with, undoubtedly, the burliest beard out of all the beards sent in to us!

He did it his way, and we are more than fine with that. We have an idea that his way is probably our way too, judging by those ravishing locks on his chin! :D>

Last, but certainly not least, we have some honorable mentions for you guys that we just couldn't pass up. All manly. All pictacular. All beard. They don't get anything but our mad, mad respect. Hopefully, my friends, that is enough. :)>

Rob was our Sexiest Beard. You filthy manimal, you. Don't ever let him shave you. 
We're talking to the beard, of course. ;)>

Sean was our Ginger Beard. So radiant. So bright. So BEAUTIFUL. 

The more ginger beards we have in this world, the better. You're helping us, Sean. One beard at a time. :)>

Michael was our Silver Fox. Our gentleman of fortune. What is he doing out on that lovely city street? We don't know, but we really want to find out.
There's so much warm wisdom brimming from that well-groomed salt and pepper chin, he is like a long lost Jedi-faced master that decided to wear a tie. What a fine complement to his beard, it is! :)>o<>

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in our BeardBattle! Every single one of you has a great muzzle full of bristle. We couldn't be prouder if we tried. Just because your mug isn't here surely doesn't mean we didn't like it, we just couldn't choose all of you. Remember, if you'd REALLY like a shirt, we have a website that sells that stuff. Seriously, it's up 24/7 and has a beardload of shirts on it. :D>

To all of you winners and runners up, we'll be contacting you shortly to ask you which t-shirt you want (or the pins we have for you) and how to get it (them) to you!

Until next time, stay beardiful! ;D>

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