Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cowboy Sale!

It's summer. Time for a sunshine sale, everybeardy!

Alright now, Hoss. We're gonna go full-blown American summer on you. No, not scary-movie-where-all-the-dumb-teenagers-die sort of American summer, we're taking you back to when men were MEN and beards were BEARDS.

Cowboys, people. They could grow them like the best of 'em. So our Cowboy Beard T-Shirts are only $15.99 from August 3rd through August 10th! YEE-HAW! You can even get free shipping on all your orders above $30 with the coupon code FREESHIPP11 until August 15th! Why not pick up a shirt for your favorite friend too? Everyone needs a little more beard in their life. ;)>

To take a moment to toot our beard-horn, we just want to let you know that we're bringing you the best cattle, er, clothing that's possible. You couldn't ask for a better price for high quality t-shirts of this caliber. We only give you the best for all of your rodeo riding needs, trust us. These bad boys won't wear out for miles and miles.

You know you want to feel the wind in your fuzzy face, and the bearded shirt on your back. Rope one of these little doggies today! :D>

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