Thursday, June 23, 2011

We've Launched!

Aye, hi thar, me have a beard Aye, me parrot concurs Aye, hello, I just wanted t' take the time t' thank e'ery who had support the production o' this site. I had a lot o' great friends, who fed me durin' long hours o' work. The models war amazin'. The designs worked out great. Aye, me parrot concurs. Ahoy, personal shout outs go to: Kate o' Sampson Photography - Raymond Lavoie Photography - Bowen - for the most random ideas e'er. Julie - My Muse Da'id and Patrick - The faces o' beard face Chris - For brain breaks Billy and Suhayl - For random modelin' encounters Akbar - For keepin' it real Anthony - For personal pep Matt - For tra'elin' just t' be a gin'er And James, the Starbuck of the ship. Thanks maties, shiver me timbers! :^)>

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